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Theo stylianides
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United Kingdom
My name is Theo stylianides i currently work in Horsham as a concept artist.


I specialize in production design and concept art.

Some of the studios i have worked for:

EA visceral
EA Maxis
Square enix
Irrational Games
Sumo digital
City Interactive
Astrum Nival
Born Ready
Creative assembly
Games Workshop
Microsoft 343 industries


Zero/Gunner by StTheo
Some ideas i wanted to finish

Gunner found Zero on one of his jobs. He was part of a team to take down a mercenary groups ambitious ideas of genetic manipulative within a deep space laboratory. Zero was one of there experiments. Only a young boy then his rapid growth and ability's have made him a natural hand at combative work, something Gunner has taught him along the way. 

Zeros got a specially adapted stealth suit whilst gunners always been the tank..... they work great together. 

thanks for looking
Air by StTheo
some vehicle sketches i needed to finish
mite model some not sure yet 
bottom one inspired by this awesome one…

lost of fun
cheers for looking 
land by StTheo
some vehicle sketches i needed to finish
i re designed my Raven bike design for the first one… and tried a Homeworld deserts of kharak land battleship idea for the bottom one. the middle two i went for an F1 style with variable hight adjustment. 

lost of fun
cheers for looking 
Boba Fett by StTheo
Boba Fett

After seeing the force awakens i couldn't help but think (as he's my favourite character) were they could take Boba Fett with his own film. I would actually like to see a Fett and solo film more than individual films, i think it would build there characters in more interesting way. 

I wanted to design Fett not just an illustration, like i said before i like to add to story's and explore different ideas within the universe instead of  illustrating the character over and over again of which there are plenty of great ones.
This is my narrative driven design of Fett looking at his story of when he gets out of sarlac and how it would affective his aesthetic and thinking. 

After getting out of sarlac and getting to safety to recover he fixes and modifys his gear so something like that never happens again. He reinforced and re builds his armour whiles adding a few pieces like his greaves, he paints his armour black as a sign of his would be death and resurrection which is something he dose not want to forget. 
Adding a secondary insulating suit of soft armour, this would of helped when he was in the sarlac and would of reduced his burns from digestive acids.
He also added a 
secondary booster to his jet pack, something else he had learnt the hard way.
Luke cut his blaster in half so now he adopts a duel blaster pistol 
approach for his main ranger weapons a bit like his father did. 
Although Fett is very much as brawler in my mind over a fancy fencer like the jedi, Fett couldn't deny the usefulness of a lightsabre, so from captured lightsabers he built one into his gauntlet. This minimized the risk of self injury whilst still having a deadly and useful weapon.
(This also ties into the notion of when Fett becomes Mandlore, the leader of the Mandalorians, the Mandalor wields the dark saber which is stolen from the jedi).
The final design idea was for him to carry a tooth from the saralc, he makes into a blade for when he comes across solo again and resolve his vengeance. There is other ideas but will leave you guys to guess the rest and make your own up. 

I love the idea of Fett having a hunting dog and totally think it would fit his character of having a loyal friend which wouldn't betray him on his hunts. The dog is like a void for force users making theres powers redundent when close ie no mind control or force pushes etc. I think it would also add a lot of interesting story's to his character development.

Anyway thanks for reading and looking 
Mandalorian by StTheo
Unless you have been living in a cave i am assuming you have seen star wars which i did recently and enjoyed! 

The Jedi and Sith were cool but were never the characters that i related to, the characters that i loved and was engaged by were the rogues, bounty hunters and scum bags with all there cultural influences and design (probably why i seem to draw so many scum bags in my personal art). 
The one that stole my heart for me was Boba Fett. 

This is my homage to the dented helmet himself, there's plenty of awesome illustrations and even better custom costumes of the Fett so i wanted to try something different and focus on narrative and story threw a design, looking at the post republic style.
Nor did i want to redesign Fett which i think is perfect as it is. 
I always like the idea of adding to a narrative and story to enrich the universe instead of re telling the same ones.
So here's a little story i came up with to create a character inspired by and linked to Fett. 

Kor is the protege of Boba. Even though he had a child Ailyn Vel he didn't want the same life he had for her. Kor was found on one of Bobas hunts stealing and fighting in the slums of Taris. After weeks of stalking his target Boba came across this young boy in a situation he couldn't handle, he had swindled and crossed to many and was surrounded by the scum of the underworld. In the time he had spent on the hunt he had seen much of himself within Kor and most importantly something he could use to his gain, so he intervened. This was how ever all part of the young boys plan to get rid of his rivals which he wouldn't of been able to do on his own. 
After the killing was done the boy told Boba of his schemes of how he new he was being watched and like wise Boba told the boy the deal he had for him. Both saw there gain from each other and he became Bobas protege, with his own fighting style and equipment he learned the ways of the bounty hunter from Fett but taking his own path at the same time. choosing combat prowess over a more tactical view Fett had, he took up the badge of the Mandalorian.

I could go in depth on all his gear and the reasons why i designed it the way i did, like the pipe coils coming from his back powering his gauntlets, his shield that gives him is protective nature, his darker tone gauntlets to hide his arms against his cloak so people dont notice him grabing his pistol and blood splats or even the journeymans sash but i will leave you guys to have fun with it.

Anyway's thank you for having a look and reading this if you did.
something i was listening to whilst in the process…

MRU Heavy by StTheo
MRU Heavy
Quick experiment making a heavy version of the MRU huntermaster model i made with a flack hammer i designed before. based on terminator from 40k scale.

cheers for looking
Warlords by StTheo
some more warlords for the "WARLORDS" world
Bug by StTheo
some quick bug Warrior ideas, distinctly humanoid. was trying to figure out a leader race within the hole bug world 
will keep on trying to figure these out as im not 100% on them 
cheers for looking 
Huntermaster by StTheo
Same as before just a different pose MRU HunterMaster

All part of the Huntermaster/ 05/ pirates/ bughunter world. 

cheers for looking 

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I would like it if I had your okay, so I could use some of your freaking awesome art! 
ShadowCrusader155 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2016
Hey Theo, quick question, why do you do not usually upload your work at it's full resolution? I ask only out of curiosity
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theres a few reasons. for most is the fact that people will take the images and sell them as prints or adjustment and sell them on etc
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